SAP EHS (Environment, Health and Safety)

Safe and green environment for a better living.

Two decades ago, carbon footprint, ozone depletion, global warming etc. were esoteric to common man. Today, the climate is different. Continuous depletion of natural resources for industrial and livelihood needs pose a serious threat to sustainable living. Globally, countries implement active frameworks to establish environment friendly business practices. Strict environmental laws and safety norms are implemented by local and international bodies to protect natural resources and employee safety. So, it has become pivotal for companies to abide to these laws and compliance needs to scale their business in an environment conscious world.

Existing set of tools and processes are too limited to help companies protect employee safety and promote green practices. SAP EHS is a management suite that helps originations comply with stipulated environmental laws and regulations. The suite offers tools, templates and processes to eliminate health risks for employees who work in chemical, energy and other similar industries. It also simplifies the complex mandatory reporting procedures that companies to have to maintain to satisfy global safety standards.

Business Benefits

  • Eliminate accidents and risks incidents for employees handling hazardous materials
  • Ensures companies comply with global environmental laws and regulations
  • Record, analyze and learn from near-misses and practical observations
  • Improve manufacturing operations by proactively identifying possible risk incidents and loopholes
  • Simplifies mandatory reporting procedures which otherwise was a long winded and time-consuming exercise
  • Gain the trust of investors and company stakeholders by running an environment friendly business.