SAP GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance)

Mitigate risks by leveraging opportunities in a right way.

In today’s globalized economy, opportunities are abundant, so does risks. For every startup success story, there is a complimenting news about fall of a successful business due to security breaches and violation. Governance is viewed more than just a set of policies to streamline systems. It has become the holy grail for ethical business practice. In fact, every stake holder, from investor to employee, expects a fair valued compliance rule book to follow governance.

SAP’s Governance, Risk and Compliance is a business suite that helps organization build robust governance structure that is rightly aligned with its business objectives. The suite can be best leveraged to minimize the risk factors while chalking out business growth and expansion plans. Employee compliance to governance can be implemented with the right set of tools and processes without spending sums on long and unproductive change management programs.

Business Benefits

  • Control security breaches and minimizes risk on organization’s performance
  • Institutionalize governance pillars across functions within an organization
  • Reduce manual processes and improve overall business productivity
  • Maximize stakeholder value through adherence to compliance
  • Improves brand equity by internalizing governance and compliance mechanisms
  • Faster time to market advantage by minimizing risk factors